Hair Care Influence

I have always believed that a woman’s hair is her “glory” and that feeling good about your hair is linked to confidence, health and feeling in control!!

Before I understood the importance of investing in my hair I curled my hair everyday to hide the frizz!! I had damaged my hair with heating tools .

My poor hair was starving nutrition and hydration that it could no longer ”breathe”! I lost all elasticity causing my hair to break, fall out , frizz up and become completely unmanageable.

I was considering to cut my hair short and buy extensions. I’m so happy my friend told me about a naturally based anti-aging hair care product that restores hair from the inside out.

After using Monat twice I knew I had found the solution for my hair. My hair is thick and shines amazingly and the best part is that my hair keeps getting better and better.

I love sharing my story with others struggling with damaged hair. If there is hope there is a solution.